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9:30 AM

Welcome Address Kenneth Lai, Area Vice President, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, Splunk

Keynote: Welcome to the Data Age!

As digitalization accelerates, organizations need to be more resilient and innovative, requiring cloud transformation to meet customer, constituent expectations. These imperatives put IT, DevOps and Security teams at the center of their organization’s future. Join us to hear how customers are using Splunk, the Data-to-Everything Platform, to accelerate cloud transformation and turn this time of change into outcomes for their organizations.

Dan Brassington, Chief Technical Advisor, APAC, Splunk

10:00 AM

Fireside chat with customer

Pornprom Prapakittikul, Chief Information Security Officer, Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA)
May Rochanapokin, Regional Sales Manager, Splunk

10:20 AM


IT101: The latest TikTok Challenge, But For IT Teams - How to Monitor and Troubleshoot Hybrid and Multicloud Environments Like a Pro

Tell me you work in IT, without telling me you work in IT. What would you show? Swivel chairing from one screen to another? A timer with poor MTTR? A contentious war room? Customers complaining on Twitter? Show more

Samuel Ho, ITOps Sales Specialist, Splunk


SEC101: Get On the Fast Track to Better Threat Detection with Essential Data Sources and Use Cases [presentation in Thai]

New to Splunk for Security? Start here to learn how Splunk can help you better detect and analyze cyberthreats. Join us as we outline essential data sources for effective detection, along with the most common security use cases that teams implement. We will review multiple detection examples, all mapped to the popular MITRE ATT&CK® framework. Show more

Katipong Sirisawatdi, Senior Solution Architect, Splunk


DEV101: Observability and Monitoring in the Digital Transformation Era [presentation in Thai]

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the monitoring landscape. From workloads running in private, public and hybrid clouds, to applications evolving from monoliths to microservices, to adopting a DevOps culture with daily code pushes and devs on call, your job has become more complex. Show more

Warach Wongpairoj, Senior Sales Engineer, Splunk

10:55 AM


IT102: Turbo Charge Your Productivity and MTTRs by Upgrading Legacy ITOM Tools [presentation in Thai]

Upgrading event and incident management systems is necessary to boost productivity, gain efficiencies and become a business partner, not just a cost center. Join this session to learn how you can leverage the domain knowledge of your organization along with the power of end-to-end intelligence to unlock operational efficiency and cost savings!
Show more

Warach Wongpairoj, Senior Sales Engineer, Splunk


SEC102: Dealing with Alert Fatigue and Measuring Security Operations Effectiveness

Ready to take security analytics to the next level? Want to drastically reduce your alert volumes and still detect more threats? Learn strategies to prioritize your security alerts and see how risk-based alerting in Splunk SIEM reduces alert queues while also enabling detection of sophisticated attacks. Show more

Paul Pang, Principal Security Strategist, APAC, Splunk


DEV102: Fast Track Infrastructure Modernization with Splunk

Cloud technologies enable DevOps teams to move faster and scale more efficiently. Teams, however, struggle with operational complexities in dynamic environments such as containers, Kubernetes and serverless. Applying traditional monitoring approaches to cloud environments doesn’t work. Show more

Sasi Subramaniam, Senior Sales Engineer, Splunk

11:30 AM


IT103: How to Protect Business Performance and Prevent Outages with Splunk [presentation in Thai]

Technical teams understand the power of Splunk, but what about business and service owners? Companies must deliver more digital services to customers, and any outage poses a great risk to reputation and revenue. With IT Service Intelligence, service owners can understand what impacts business performance and how to prevent outages from impacting customers. Join this session to learn how customers are using ITSI to protect service performance. Show more

Katipong Sirisawatdi, Senior Solution Architect, Splunk


SEC103: Supercharge Your Security with Automation

Drowning in repetitive security tasks? Too many security alerts to triage each day? Can’t respond to security incidents fast enough? Stop working harder and start working smarter! Join this session and technical demonstration to learn how automation can help you eliminate grunt work and respond to security incidents faster. Show more

Alfredo Putra Damari, Sales Engineer, Splunk


DEV103: Understanding Application Performance: The Next Step in Observability

To maximize speed and agility, DevOps teams are adopting microservices-based architectures, which introduces new observability challenges. In this session, we will explore how Splunk is leveraging metrics, traces and logs for observability. We’ll dive into how Splunk APM uses a unique approach, applying full-fidelity trace ingestion to help DevOps teams reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting and improving end-user experience. Show more

Mani Govindan, Regional Sales Director, IT & Observability, Splunk
* Agenda subject to change